I didn’t know what to expect arriving to work today.  However, after inspecting the course conditions with our team here at West Hills, things could of been a lot worse.  Combining 2 inches of rain with all the snow meltdown, I was expecting more flooding on the property.  All greens and tees are above water, the only areas impacted are parts of 2/10 fairways, parts of 11 fairway and the area surround 12 tee complex.  Our plan moving forward is to let the water level of the Wallkill River lower and allow all flooded areas to drain.  During this process we’ll have an understanding of which areas will require additional pumping and silt removal if needed.  Looking ahead, this will have no impact on are opening target date of April 14th.

Take Care,


Looking down 11 fairway

Looking down towards 12 tee complex

Water level of Wallkill River

Looking down 2 fairway