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Go Away Snow!!

Bunker edging greenside bunker #11 Edging and check sand depths on greenside bunker #12 Establishing crisp edge around greenside bunker #18 Completed bunker #18 green The crew has been out on course busy over the last couple weeks.  Course clean-up and bunker edging work has been our [...]

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New Look….

The winter crew is moving along with refurbishing our ball washers.  Cold inclement weather has allowed us to stay busy with our inside projects.  A majority of the time has been spent on sanding down each component to it original finish.  We are changing our color to Hunter Green for all ball washers with a [...]

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Frigid Morning at West Hills

The crew has moved on and we're refurbishing our ball washers.  Pictures will indicate the intense sanding and prep work involved.  When complete, they will look like new on the course next spring. Prep Work Begins on Ball Washers All Ball Washers Will Be Painted Hunter Green With Black Posts And Stands [...]

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Golf Course Reminder……..

Good Morning.  The weather forcast appears to be right on point as I sit in my office with the outside temperature holding at 31 degrees.  Just a reminder we do have temporary greens installed on holes 1,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 in addition to temporary tee area located in front of each tee complex.  Please avoid any foot traffic or [...]

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Winter Workshop has started!

During the cold mornings and inclement weather, the winter maintenance staff will begin working on all golf course accessories.  This work includes refurbishing our benches, ball washers, tee markers and making all new boundary stakes.  As weather permits, the crew will work out on the course on course clean-up etc. The maintenance staff has [...]

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Moving Forward With Improvements That Impact Playability…..PROGRESS!

Improvement to #2 approach and primary rough are complete. The inlet drains are now leveled and surrounds are re-grassed. The primary rough to the right of the approach area was re-grassed last month. Moving forward, we'll continue to focus on high profile "in play" areas for repairs. Once completed, we'll shift our focus to surround [...]

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